Surviving & Thriving: Healing Sexual Tra




Surviving & Thriving: Healing Sexual Trauma sessions now meet online. Some of the topics covered include the following:


  • Group Agreements - attendance, confidentiality, I statements, supportive and constructive feedback. What will help you to feel supported? What is motivating you to heal?

  • Psychoed - Trauma - fight, flight, freeze, or feign

  • Safety - Learning to feel safe in your skin. Being safe and feeling comfortable is not the same thing. Internal and External Resources - The sensations these elicit are the building blocks for your sense of internal wellbeing.

  • Dissociation and Re-embodying - Your body is where the healing happens.

  • Fear and Intuition - How to distinguish between the two.

  • Psychoed - Memory and Trauma - Explicit and Implicit Memories

  • Triggers - Images and feelings from the past that need healing

  • Boundaries - Consent is an ongoing process of making choices.

  • Needs, Requests - NonViolent Communication

  • Emotions - Strengthening your resilience.

  • Anger and Rage - Energy you can use to protect yourself. Exploring safe forms of expression. Give shape to the anger.

  • Shame and Guilt - Let's send it where it belongs, to the perpetrator.

  • Grief - For all you lost.

  • Intergenerational Trauma - Did it start with you?

  • Social Oppression and Rape Culture - "Personal transformation and social transformation are inherently connected" - Staci Haines

  • Writing a New Narrative - Discovering your Superpower

  • Ritual - A Reclaiming


"The more you are in your own experience, sensations, your own body, the less some external or authoritarian system can control you." - Emilie Conrad  

We're hurt in relationship, and we heal in relationship.

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