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The Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook

The Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook was released by New Harbinger in July 2021. To learn more about the book, the Healing Sexual Trauma online Course, or to be added to my mailing list visit:  

The Healing Sexual Trauma Course

The Healing Sexual Trauma Course is a six-month online somatic based training that includes weekly recorded videos and four private 1 on 1  30 minute coaching calls with myself and Laura Reagan, LCSW, host of Therapy Chat Podcast. We understand how hard it can be to find the resources needed to heal from sexual trauma and molestation and know it's not always easy to find someone skilled in this challenging, yet rewarding work. The course curriculum is carefully curated, each week building upon the previous with insights, reflections, and practices that will aid you in your healing and growth. These are teachings you can return to again and again as needed for grounding, guidance and support as you move forward on your healing path.

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Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook
Surviving & Thriving: Healing Sexual Trauma

To learn more about my ongoing weekly psychotherapy group for survivors check out the Surviving and Thriving Group page.

If you're a survivor of assault, sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, or incest I understand it may be difficult to reach out for help. Clients seldom tell me in an initial intake or first session that they are survivors, although I usually sense if this is the case. Often individuals have buried the memory deep inside because they have not had the resources available to safely process the violations and begin to heal. As a licensed therapist working with survivors in San Francisco, it's important to me that you help determine when you're ready to begin working with the trauma, that you help to set the pace, and most importantly that you feel safe enough for healing to take place.

All sexual trauma involves violation, a rupture of personal, emotional, sexual, and energetic boundaries. Whether you experienced sexual violence recently or many years ago you may not realize that the symptoms and issues you're struggling with now are related to the traumatic event. Symptoms of sexual assault may be psychological, emotional, and physical, and can include but are not limited to the following:

Erika Shershun, LMFT, Somatic Psychotherapy, San Francisco and throughout CA
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Social Anxiety 

  • Flashbacks, PTSD

  • A sense of being frozen or shut down

  • Unexplained feelings of shame or guilt

  • Overwhelming emotions such as rage, hate, and terror

  • Difficulty forming deep, sustaining relationships

  • Feelings of disconnection and extreme isolation

I'm a Somatically trained psychotherapist, somatic refers to the body. This is significant when it comes to working with sexual violations and the resulting trauma which robs you of your body sense. Healing trauma is primarily a bodily or biological process frequently accompanied by psychological effects. This is especially true when the trauma involved betrayal by someone we trusted, or someone who was supposed to protect us. Successful healing of these unseen yet deeply felt wounds involves using methods that establish a connection to your body.

As with the symptoms, the length of time and the process of recovery is different for each individual. A gentle and gradual approach is important so that your nervous system is not overwhelmed. Again, this is something that you will help to determine.

Sexual trauma can negatively impact your health, vitality, your ability to feel in connection with others, and to feel safe in your own skin. I am here to help you deal with the challenges you may be facing, to reclaim lost resources, to gain greater self-agency, and to grow the future you desire for yourself.

I invite you to call 415.470.9409 or message me today to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation where I can answer your questions and you can share any concerns.

Erika Shershun, LMFT, Somatic Psychotherapy, EMDR, San Francisco and throughout CA

Resources for Survivors:

Trauma and rape treatment                                        For adult survivors of trauma, violence and loss            415.437.3000

                                                                                         Woman Against Rape                            415.647.7273____24 Hour Line

St James Infirmary - healthcare and social services for current or former Sex Workers  415.554.8494                                                                                                                        Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network                                                                      1.800.656.HOPE____National Sexual Assault 24 Hour Hotline  1.800.656.4673

                                                                                           Domestic Violence/ Interpersonal Violence, W.O.M.A.N. Inc.

877.384.3578____24 Hour Line

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1.800.273.8255____24 Hour Line

                                                                                           Male Survivor                            Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys & Men

                                                                                           Community United Against Violence LGBT services

                                                                                           Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board

                                                                                           Office for Victims of Crime

                                                                                           National Center for Victims of Crime

                                                                                            Resource and Advocacy Organization              202.467.8700